About Me

Kurt Merriken

33 years old

My passion is in folding knives.  I stumbled upon custom knife maker videos on you tube and instantly fell in love with the idea of making my own frame lock folder.  In 2015 I bought a few pieces of machinery to make it happen.  I have not stopped since.  My workshop is always growing and evolving for the better.

Most of my designs start out in CAD.  I have resorted to using water jet to profile many of my designs.  I do not consider water jet profiling to take away from the true custom experience.  I still spend hundreds of hours on CAD perfecting my designs.  Water jet just gives me more time to customize my knives rather than profiling them.  I still spend a great deal of time doing one off creations from scratch as well.

I like to use quality high end stainless steel and Damascus.  I use many handle materials;  Titanium, Zirconium, Timascus, Carbon Fiber, Mokume, Wood, and the list go on and on!

I am a full time Firefighter in Pinellas County Florida.  My other hobbies include Diving, Fishing, and Off-Roading when I am not making knives.  I have a beautiful family with two children.